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Jason K. Brugman
Worshipful Master

Greetings From The East:

Brethren, by the time you read this we will know who won the Super Bowl, and we’ll have water cooler talk regarding the value of commitment for at least a few weeks…but Masonry will persist in showing the value of commitment, to a curriculum and to each other, for another 300 years if we can keep attendance and interest up. Your attendance and correspondence makes all the difference.

I recently came across a remark which indicated that immortality is for the species and not necessarily the individual…perhaps a restatement that we are in fact, the sum of all our parts. With this feeling in mind, regardless of who sits in an officer’s chair or who is in the East for that matter, it is my great hope that you find and explore that aspect of Masonry which satisfies you to a point where you share that satisfaction with others.

On a final note, we receive our Grand Master in Lodge this month. I regret being unable to receive him personally, but I am sure the fellowship will flow from you! His message follows below.

Special thanks to the brothers that kept communications open with me and my family, and to those that have taken direct steps to explore and share Masonic light with the brethren. My best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous and healthy New Year.


Jason K. Brugman
Worshipful Master

Grand Master Trestle Board Message 2 Winter 2018

Brethren, what is it that makes you a Mason? Is your Masonic ring? Maybe the MM tag or square and Compasses that we all so proudly display on our cars? Is it your membership in the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, Shrine or Tall Cedars? What makes you a Mason? Your Obligation – of course. Where were you first made a Mason? In your HEART – again, of course. But I ask the simple question again - What makes you a Mason? Brethren, it is our deeds and our actions that define us as Masons. As Masons, we tout the virtues of fraternalism, brotherly love, relief and truth; but my brethren, our actions speak louder than our words. So, my challenge to all of my Masonic Brethren this year is to live our lives in such a way that our example establishes a positive perception of Masonry for the world to see, because it’s what we do – our actions - that the world sees, and it is by our deeds and actions which we will be judged – individually and collectively. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as Grand Master and always remember, we have the privilege of living in the land of the free only because of the sacrifices of the brave.

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