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WM Troy
Jerome R. Troy
Worshipful Master

Greetings From The East:

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Brothers, last month was our Grand Staff Visitation and was a great success. After a little rough patch at the beginning your WM recovered and managed to pull out the stops for our Most Worshipful Grand Master Don Rosenberry and his staff. Thanks to all the brothers who helped and continue to help make the lodge a success. Stanley’s did an excellent job again for the meals and festivities beforehand.

A wise old man came upon a troubled young man who seemed saddened and preoccupied. He asked the young man “What’s troubling you?” The young man said, “I see injustice in the world and man’s inhumanity to man, everywhere. I have come to the conclusion that when God created the world, He didn’t do a very good job.” The wise man asked, “Do you think you could have done better?” to which the young man responded, “I honestly think I could have.” To which the wise man responded, “THEN BEGIN!”

...Brothers, LET’S BEGIN!!...

If you haven’t been to lodge in a while, please consider coming out again. We would love to have you back in your lodge.

So Mote It Be!


Jerome R. Troy
Worshipful Master

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